We facilitate lifelong learning

Our Vision

The best student experience

Lumi Gruppen strives to create a student experience of the highest quality, enabling individuals to leverage their full potential and strengths.

Our Mission

To reach your goal together

We work relentlessly to achieve a motivating and inspirational learning environment. Lumi is committed to using flexible and engaging delivery models to achieve the best possible results for our students.

Student guidance

Norway has one of the world’s best education systems with tools in place to ensure that everyone has equal access to higher education.

At the same time, society still faces a number challenges related to a lack of key competencies. The Digital Shift, increased focus on climate change, and an aging population requires a lift in knowledge. As a result, society needs more people to partake in higher education and continuing education.

Lumi Gruppen ensures that people receive the right education at the right time. By providing this service, we reduce the risk of unemployment and a lack of qualified workers.

We are an important part of the Norway’s educational system and provide opportunities for people who want to take higher education and participate in the workforce.

We strive to ensure that our education programs are of the very best quality, and that our students reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Lumi facilitate lifelong learning through flexible education and contribute to ensuring society has a workforce for the future.